Sexual assault in the news - a polite rant at Morrissey

I wasn't going to comment on the news and the seemingly ubiquitous sexual assault stories, I was going to follow my own advice and keep quiet about events I had no first hand knowledge of. But then I read this on the BBC website and thought, nope, I think that Morrissey needs to be told.

Hi Morrissey,

I'm glad that 'nothing like this has ever happened' to you. Sadly that doesn't mean things like that don't happen. After all, I have never been killed in a car crash or bitten by a shark but I'd be silly to say that means those things are fantasies invented by the bored or the disappointed.

I agree that going to someones bedroom might be unusual as a meeting place, but I can assure you that going to someone's bedroom doesn't mean you will be assaulted or even propositioned. I have stayed over with guys I met in clubs on several occasions, twice sharing a bed, in every case the men were polite, they made it clear they were attracted to be, politely, and when I said that my plan was just sleep and then breakfast and a goodbye, all were, if not happy, at least polite enough to pretend to be happy with the situation. No assault, no rape, just a comfy snooze, bacon, a chat over coffee and a lift home. So bedrooms don't equal assault.

The fact that 'many famous people slept with underage fans' so we should ignore it is not really a very good argument is it? Did your mum never say (in response to 'but everyone does it') "If they all walked off the end of the pier would you do it too?" No I'm sorry - "but every one did it" is a whiny immature excuse not worthy of an adult.

It is true that things were different in the past, but only last night I watched an old episode of Dad's Army in which a bus 'clippy' was spoken to in a sexually inappropriate way and Captain Manwaring was appalled and called out the man concerned. In history women were often respected more, not less than they are now.

I would be lying if I said no one ever made anything up about sexual assault. But making it up is much, much rarer than sexual assault actually happening.

When sexual assault is reported and you don't know what happened, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that speculation and victim blaming isn't helpful. Maybe shh eh.


Random Acts of Unkindness - Goodreads review

Random Acts of UnkindnessRandom Acts of Unkindness by Jacqueline Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There were things that annoyed me in this book. The repetition of the main character "what if it was your child" to everyone she meets who has a child...maybe that's realistic but as a reader it just feels lazy, yes we get it, your child missing is horrendous, we are reading all about it, we don't need a regular prod to imagine it's us. The bit about the shoulder blade (see previous update comment) grates a bit with me and there were some other bits too 'baby left on a doorstep' vs 'baby left in a phone box' which was it? Don't jump between the two phrases, it's a crime story, facts need to be precise. And the ending was annoying and inconclusive. Maybe because this is the first in a series but even within a series I like my books to be able to stand alone. The actual (enormous) crime did seem strangely ignored when it was finally discovered. Not much seemed to be made of police officers being murdered, or of the main crime scene when in reality surely newspapers would have been all over it and doing plenty of probing of their own regardless of the police.

That said, the story was interesting, very emotional at times (witness my red rimmed eyes and public crying face) The links to real missing child stories and the interweaving of the fictional parents was good. In general the writing was clear and pacey, if you like crime thrillers you'd enjoy this and I hope that as she writes more Jacqueline will get into her stride. I look forward to reading more about our flawed heroine and the team.

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Jord Wooden Watches, Elegance from the USA shipped free to the UK

The thing I really love about JORD watches is the variation. Wooden watches are still relatively unusual and so always get admiring comments, and the natural look and feel of a wooden watch has to be seen and felt to be believed.

Jord wooden watch with christmas theme

I have worn several wooden watches over the years and each one has a beautiful look all of its own. My latest watch is a change from the norm, I've gone with the style of a rectangular face instead of a circular one. Each of the watches in the JORD range is available in a variety of wood types and face colours and while I knew I wanted a rectangular face, and had picked out the Reece I couldn't decide on a colour. They were all so pretty. I had to let Twitter help me choose, and so I took a twitter poll.
Luckily I agreed with the majority of the 93 votes cast and so I chose the Emerald and Zebra wood. And of course I wasn't disappointed. The wood is filled with gorgeous detail and variation in the grain and the watch face is a dark rich green which compliments the wood beautifully.

Jord wooden watch witch scrabble tiles

I have already been looking to see how I can style and wear the watch and it looks equally good when paired with sequins and pearls for a Christmas party, as it does with suede leather or even with my new dinosaur themed dress. Because really, just as JORD watches look great with anything, so does Jeff Goldblum.

Jord wooden watch with jurassic park themed dress

If you are looking for the perfect gift or the perfect treat for yourself for this holiday season you'll be pleased to know that JORD ship their watches free of charge all over the world*. The Reece, my new favourite, is priced at $169, prices start at $139 for the Fieldcrest which is a lovely elegant and simple style suitable for men of women.

JORD's new style, the Meridian is a nice watch for a man, it is the first dual wheel movement introduced into the JORD line. For automatic enthusiasts, a dual wheel is a must have for a collection. The Meridian is priced at $429

The watches arrive packed in an attractive wooden (what else!) box, which is nice to keep them in, or to re use as a jewellery box.

Jord wooden watch boxed

Delivery time from America is remarkably fast, and the staff at JORD are really helpful in sorting out what you need, you can send a note of your wrist size and have the watch strap sized for you for no extra charge before it's sent.

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Jord wooden watch pinterest style

*There may be a small customs charge on watches brought into the UK of approximately £14

^This post contains affiliate links

+ I received a watch from JORD in exchange for this blog post but all opinions are my own.