Perfect Cheese on Toast

A quick recipe for cheese on toast.
You might think that cheese on toast is the most simple thing in the world, some bread and a couple of slices of cheese and Bob is your proverbial uncle. However I am here to tell you that with only a couple of extra steps you could turn this simple dish into a culinary delight.
wyke farm cheddar cheese

Always use a good cheese, this recipe does lift a boring cheese a bit, but for proper perfect cheese on toast use a good cheddar. I am using some Wyke Farms Mature but creamy cheddar because Wyke Farms sent me some cheeses to try. It is lovely and creamy too, not crumbly but still with a nice mature bite, so it's easy to grate.
grated cheddar cheese

This is handy because grating the cheese is where we begin.


Rainbow Cake

DD has always fancied making a rainbow cake. We have tried in the past and found that either the cake was pale and barely looked like a rainbow, or we had to use so much colouring that the cake tasted horrible!

As DD just came out as gay it seemed the perfect time to do this thing properly!

Wordy Wednesday with Amanda Jennings (again)

Back in August 2015 I interviewed my friend Amanda Jennings for Wordy Wednesday. Back then she was a newish author - now she's world famous (I can say this with conviction as my blog is read all over the world, and her fame is totally down to me *cough cough*)

Then she had published two books and now she's published 3 , has an agent and even has audio versions of her books available (this always impresses me - I'm not sure why!)

in her wake by amanda jennings

So I thought it would be fun to do a catch up post and see if anything had changed in a year...


Halloween Fun, Fear and Fancy Dress

Halloween has become a proper mishmash of cultures and ideas since it all started. And who even knows when it all began? The celebration seems to have started around the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain, a sort of harvest festival linked to the collecting of crops and the slaughter of animals for winter, the Celts also linked this time of year to a thinning of the walls between the worlds, where spirits may pass.


Wordy Wednesday with Stanley the Border Terrier

Today the blog has gone to the dogs, literally - I'm handing over to Fizz who is gong to interview Stanley...more will be revealed but you may have seen me mention Stanley, dog and author, back in this post...

Hello it is I Fizz, I am small and full of excitement, partly because I'm interviewing a famous dog author and partly because excited is the natural state of being a puppy! Something Stanly know about only too well...

Hey Stanley - tell us about your book!

Dear Fizz
Nice to hear from you.
Why did I write the book ? you ask.


Stationery haul giveaway

I think it's been a while since I've done a giveaway - and as I'm just a little blog (yes I know you imagine I'm world famous but really dear reader, I'm not) it's just a small giveaway that I am funding myself.

So here we are - a few fun bits of glamorous stationery to help you organise your life (or just your blog!) or to use as a gift.

The rules of the giveaway are simple, you must use the rafflecopter entry thingy below. There are lots of ways to enter and you can do one or more of the entry methods. None are mandatory - sadly as I'm paying the postage this giveaway is open to UK addresses only.


How parenting changes when your teen comes out as gay

My daughter, the lovely Dd is 16.

She has really blossomed lately, budgeting for herself, suddenly deciding (against her parents wishes) to have her waist length hair cut to shoulder length, becoming more outgoing, getting herself to and from college without always relying on 'mum's taxi', letting us know when she'll be late and making new college mates and hanging out at coffee shops. In short she has become a teenager at last. So 'almost an adult' that it hurts to think about it.

My baby is testing her wings.


Wordy Wednesday with Rob Tamplin

Good morning Wordy Wednesday fans and random travellers that have stumbled into this wood panel walled room of words and the faint whiff of desperation, yes that's writing you can smell! (or maybe writers, who knows) anyway today I have the pleasure to introduce the fabulous Rob Tamplin! I know, you are beside yourselves, calm down, grab a cushion, sit nearer the fire, mind the cat, and let us begin

Rob, tell us about yourself and your books, what genre do you write?
Hi! I’m Rob, I’m 33, and live in London.
I’m currently writing a young adult thriller called Cats of War. It’s about Shanti, who is conscripted as a cat trainer to help fight the Great Bird War of 2023.
Before this I wrote a mystery novel in my twenties. It was rewarding and frustrating in equal measure, but the book didn’t end up going anywhere. So I’m taking every lesson I learned from writing that book wrong and using it to write this book right.

Do you have another job or are you a full time author? If you do something else (international spy?) what is it and do you like it?


How to use your phone while driving.

You are stuck in traffic, nothing has moved for ten minutes, you are sure it's probably an accident and you think you might as well ring your wife to tell her you'll be late.

You are at traffic lights, they have just turned red, you only missed the green by seconds and now you have to wait for 4 sets of changes before you can move again, you glance at your phone on the passenger seat and see you have a snapchat notification.

You are cruising at 70 on the M4 on the way to a conference, running a bit late you decide to text the organiser, after all, you have some automated 'I'm running late' texts programmed into the phone.


Cool Wood Watch from Jord - Review

It seems that, barring a late burst of heat, summer is almost over. I love the summer and am sad to see it go. Cooler days and darker nights can be a come down after the sunny days of August so to cheer myself up I feel I should update my wardrobe a bit. I can't help but feel that the autumn me needs a new look, some new colours and a swish new style.

I've always loved natural colours and brown shades, so I should embrace that autumn look I think, with some new oversized jumpers and some long brown boots, perfect for tramping through the woods and along the seashore.

Luckily the lovely people at Jord Watches are here to help. They sent me a unique watch in Koa wood and rose gold, with just enough sparkle to lift the inevitable gloom that winter will bring.

I live close to the coast and adore a beach walk, and while I'm bemoaning the loss of summer I will really enjoy those last golden evenings of autumn after the holiday makers have returned home where I can wander alone with my dog, looking out to sea and of course, watching the time on my lovely wooden watch.

Jord wooden watch on a beach with blue sea