Memory One. April 2023. A trip to Devon, a small church and a drink.

a small sandy cove with a rocky cliff and a stream flowing from the cliff through the sand to the sea

Back to April 2023 when I visited a friend (on online friend, for those people that insist online friendships aren't real - turns out they are). I visited my friend in Devon and while there I saw a postcard in a touristy shop, a postcard for Hope Cove. Hope Cove was a place I used to go to as a small child with my grandparents and it had such happy memories, I bought the card and insisted we drive there as it was relatively close. 

Amazingly it had not changed much. The beach in the little cove was just as I remembered. There was also a nice pub where we sat outside and looked at the view. It was a glorious trip down memory lane, and my friend, seeing how happy the visit made me, even bought me a souvenir Hope Cove mug. Happy times. 

But that wasn't all that April brought. 

a tiny insect hotel built as a scale replica of the church behind it, complete with spire

There was also plenty of dog walking. (I now have two dogs again, Fizz the most adorable border terrier, and rather fancy but hellishly disobedient fox terrier. To be fair to Ted, being a nightmare does seem to be in the fox terrier job description). Anyway, on one walk we wandered in the grounds of the local church and found this small insect hotel. Rather adorable.

And to round off the month, and as an attempt to regain the sense of taste lost to COVID, I had one or two cocktails.

a pinkish cocktail in a fancy glass with a cherry on a retro cocktail stick featuring a bikini clad lady.

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