What if you want to read e-Books but you don't want to be tied to Amazon.

Amazon Kindles let you read a variety of formats but most (especially any you buy from amazon) are protected from copying by digital rights management software (DRM). Now I understand the desire to stop people copying your hard work when you write a book, and selling it on, or even making copies for mates. BUT DRM means you can't even load the copy onto multiple devices that you own. And I've even heard of Amazon just no longer hosting a book you bought and own! So unless you downloaded it, it has just gone!

Kobo let you read even more formats. Though not Amazon because, as we said, it's DRM protected. So what to do.

You can use software to strip the DRM, then other software to convert the file to a nice one for Kobo (other e-readers are of course available but I have a Kobo so it's what I know) then use a USB cable to transfer the book file onto the Kobo.
Doing this enables you to read books bought via Kobo, Amazon books you previously purchased, and other books you find (legally) online, such as out of copyright books on the Gutenberg Project website (check it out all the classics are there for free).

How to download and convert Amazon ebooks.

I used DeDRM - www.dedrm.com

1. First you download the ebooks.Open your account and navigating to your digital content page (click account and lists, and choose Manage your contant and devices fromt he amazon home page).Select a book from the content list and click ' More actions, then select Download & transfer via USB '.

Then you need you Kindle serial number.Go to Manage Your Content and Device then select Device and check the kindle serial number.

Upload each book into DeDRM to strip the DRM protection.

2. To convert the now unprotected file use Calibre (apparently there is some way to do everything in Calibre but I didn't do that. You can use that method if you don't own an actual Kindle device. ) https://calibre-ebook.com/download

More info on all of this here https://www.cloudwards.net/remove-drm-from-kindle-books/

Download Calibre and convert the new unprotected AZW3 file to an epub or epub3 file and pop it onto the Kobo via USB. Sorted. There are lots of demos on site https://calibre-ebook.com/demo

kobo reader showing a free ebook

 also check out Project Gutenberg for free ebooks

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