COVID-19 comes for us all

So on Monday 20 March I woke up with a slightly sexy gravelly voice and a mild tickly cough. Because of my work in healthcare I always have a few COVID-19 tests knocking about. "I'll just test to rule it out" I thought optimistically.

The fact this this is a blog post means the reveal here will come as no surprise. No one blogs about not getting COVID-19.

Small white covid test showing two clear pink lines demonstrating the test is positive for covid

Since COVID-19 first became mainstream news I have followed all the rules and then some. I have stayed home,  worn masks, not shopped except via internet and always made drivers leave deliveries on the doorstep. We washed our hands. I have hand gel around the house. 

I had to go out for work in the early days, high risk places where I used full PPE and wore scrubs that could be boil washed while I showered as soon as I got home before joining the family again.

I continued to mask after the rules relaxed, I continued to stay home, I'm practically a hermit! I didn't see my parents for over a year, I missed a Christmas with my daughter as she was awaiting a test result. I have every vaccination possible as soon as it's available. I have stayed COVID-19 free all this time.

And yet here I am.

This sneaky bastard virus has invaded the temple* of my body.

*Like the temple in jungle book, falling down, crumbling and full of monkeys

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