TM's Alternative Blog Awards 2014 - Voting Time

I did this last year and after (very little) persuasion here we are again.

Each year there are blog awards on the net and they are lovely glitzy affairs with sparkly high shoes, long swishy dresses and tiaras (I imagine, I've never been).

My awards are for us, the hobby bloggers, the little people, those starting out. Because lets face it, your blog might be AMAZING and even though only 3 people read it and you once got a comment in 2007 it might deserve an award, so here we are, here is your chance.

Last week I asked for nominations. I didn't get as many as I had hoped but then maybe that's proving my point! ha!

So here are the categories, with the blog links, get voting, no cheating. I trust you.

  • Blogger with the Snuggliest Boobs 
Eliza Do Lots at 
Mother Scuffer at
Big Fashionista at
Mamacrow at
I would say the competition in this category would be stiff but I think it's more likely to be all wobbly and warm.

  • Best Bearded Blogger
Lewis at
Adam at
Carl at
Dat Beardy Man at
A hair-raising choice..

  • Blogger with the Hottest Arse
Katie at 
Sophie at
Jay at
Val at
Ooh all ladies and all pinch-able :-) 

  • Most Boring Post on a Blog
Adam, take your pick at 
Carl, anything really at 
Fudgecrumpet at
Elizabeth, specifically this post at

surveys & polls</
Kara at
A Whole 9 Months at 
Clara Unravelled at
Ashleigh at  
Big Fashionista at
Jay at
Vikkeh and her Tumblr at 
Mother Scuffer at
Heather at
The biggest and best category - tempted to suggest we have a party!

  • Blogger That made you Cry laughing in 2013
Lamebook at
Wally Mummy at
Hannah at
Jane at
Big Fashionista at
Adam at 
Chimping Dandy at
Eliza Do Lots at
Jay at
Wet panties all round - a tough choice!

  • Angriest Blogger
Dust and Love at
Cath Janes at
Big Fashionista at
Sue at

  • Most Positive Blog/Feel Good Blog 
A Plucky Heroine at
Petite Sal at  
Mother Scuffer at
The Fool Tweets at
From Fun to Mum at
Carl at
Foxglove Lane at

  • Blog with the best life advice
Liveotherwise at
Natalielue at
Deja zu - 
Hannah at
Eliza Do Lots at

  • Blog that doesn't fit into a category but it's a Blog and I like it 
Looking for Blue Sky at 
Vikkeh and her Tumblr at 
Wendy's Mum at
The Brick Castle at
Me! at
Adam at
Chicken Ruby at
Glosswitch at 
Thanks for nominating me! But I see I have stiff competition!