iPad Pillow - review

I was asked to review an iPad accessory. Well actually I was asked to review a smart phone product at first but amazingly I don't own such an animal! I have no iPhone, no iPod and while I have an android tab I only have a tiny 'normal' phone. I know, you are shocked!

And as you are probably aware I only have an iPad because I won one! But enough. I was sent a rather odd item, the iPad Pillow. It looks like a normal cushion (and the one I was sent is particularly funky in its design) but it has a pocket for pen/stylus/glasses etc and some little corners (like photo corners - remember them!?) to hold the iPad in place. Thus your iPad becomes a cuddly item with a screen, perfect for bed, the couch etc

The iPad I have (4th Gen) fits nicely if it's in its clip case though it's slippery if not cased. I imagine that the newer iPad Air (all shiny light and skinny!) would need a smaller area.

The pillow ensures that you don't let the iPad slip off your lap if you fall asleep while on Pinterest (I've product tested that for you!) and it holds it high enough in your lap that you don't miss part of the screen behind your mummy tummy when slouched in front of the TV (again, I have tested that!)

So while my lovely other half claims I look like a 'granny' with my pillow (a geeky granny I assume) I'm rather pleased with it.

I was sent the iPad Pillow free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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