The News. Sense and Sensitivity

*trigger warning for rape on the news link

I should be proud, I suppose, to have a sensitive, caring, teenage daughter. She's not perfect, she shouts and stamps and argues like any normal person, but she is very empathic. (remember the whole Finding Nemo incident!) and so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I went into her room to find her in tears because she had heard about this news story on Radio 1 this morning. She told me what had happened and just seeing the tears running down her face was enough to set me off too. There we were, 6.30 am weeping in the dark. She asked me why I was crying, was it because of the woman's story or was it because she was crying? I told her truthfully that it was mainly seeing her so upset, seeing that bad things affected her so strongly. She hugged me. We sobbed more.

As a parent its hard to think that you cannot always keep your child safe, and the realisation that they can be hurt by sad news even in the home seems so cruel.

How do you deal with bad/sad news stories? Does your child care? Do you keep them from them? (difficult once a teen listens to radio, surfs net, tweets, reads news etc)

I feel sad for a world that continues to be filled with hurt, and for the children that have to learn to 'toughen up' just to be able to cope with living in this world.

Sorry for the gloomy post today. Cheery comments welcomed.


  1. What a beautiful caring daughter you have, I'm sure you're very proud. Bless her. I don't know that you can protect then when they reach a certain age. It's really hard.

  2. Empathy is a great gift and she was obviously given it by you. It brings with it heartache and sadness, but it also brings an ability to cry with happiness at other people's good fortune and share fully in everything that is right with the world. It will bring with it friendships and opportunities that others will miss. It's a very special quality and one which humanity needs more of. Do be proud :)


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