De-Cluttering, causing joy to Vampire Sex Lovers

So, I am de-cluttering. mainly I am getting rid of books that I will not want to reread, you know the sort - where the writing is average at best and it's all about the plot. They are great fun but once read they sit in the library at home gathering dust...so today(actually in 4 days time) I shall give away - yes for free! - I shall give away (that means I'm paying postage too!! ) GIVE AWAY for FREE the ten Sookie Stackhouse Novels (which were later filmed as TrueBlood) so Vampire and trashy sex novel fans be cheered!! you could soon read all 10 books! Fill your mind with thoughts of Alcide ...... polite pause while you do.... and lay in bed with him in your arms...well the book with him in anyway.

But what must I do to obtain such awesomeness I hear you cry! Well not much if truth be told. Just live in the UK (or be prepared to paypal me the cost of postage to whatever far flung reaches of the globe you live in) Just use the Rafflecopter thingummy to play! a Rafflecopter giveaway

tasty vampire lips with blood

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