It's a review - but there is Batman, and a shark

We interrupt this blog for a review, normal service (ie ranting about shit) will be resumed as soon as possible (cue tinkly music)

I’m sometimes sent products to try out for Vosene.

For example they asked me to try out their Head Louse Repellent spray Which always makes me think of this ...

and is just as effective! (against head lice obviously – I haven’t tried it on sharks)

So DD and I were excited to receive a couple of bottles of the new range. 

I have to admit that we both caressed the bottles for some time as they are both distinctive to look at and strangely stroke-able.

But then DD could wait no longer and stripped off eager for a shower test! First up was Sensitive shampoo, which, while still containing SLS , says it is low in perfumes and designed for sensitive scalps. It lathered nicely, smelled nice and was generally warmly received by DD.

 The far more exciting thing was next though, a conditioner. I’ve been after a Vosene conditioner for some time and DD has hair that is over 18 inches long so it’s a must in our house. The conditioner we tried is for coloured or damaged hair and was thick and creamy (I have since tried it too) and it makes your hair feel soft and silky. I still needed to add some serum to my hair after my shower, but DDs soft hair was very comb-able and the conditioner smelled lovely. 

I was pleased to see that on the website they mention a shampoo and a conditioner for silver hair! Hoorah! This cougar will be trying that very soon. So all positive and clean at the house of TM and DD. 

Thank you Vosene! 

  • Looks 10/10 
  • Value For money 10/10 
  • Usability/Usefulness 10/10 
  • Fun 9/10

If you read the whole review I will blow you … 

a kiss.

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