Wordy Wednesdays

You will have noticed, if you have spent a few minutes on the internet that Wednesday on many blogs and social media is 'Wordless Wednesday' when people post pictures without words. It is a peaceful day of cute babies, funny cats and gorgeous landscapes. Sometimes there are also thoughtful, sad or poignant pictures.

I am a lazy photographer and rarely join in. Words are more my thing, I think it's why I like twitter so much (although that's getting a bit 'picturey' lately for my liking!)

So I have decided that as a counter to the picture posts I shall post a Wordy Wednesday post. I am interviewing authors via email and will be posting their replies here on the blog each Wednesday.

I hope you will find it as much fun as I know I will. And maybe we will find out author secrets and discover some new books to read on the way!

If you are an author (struggling, famous, self published ...any type!) and would like to be featured - email me at Tatmummy at gmail dot com

Wordy Wednesday

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