The day DD became famous, sort of

So on Ed Balls Day in 2013 DD made a cake.

I guess Ed Balls day was still fairly new, no one got excited. We ate the cake. The world moved on.

This year on 28th April I tweeted

and thought not much more about it, it still tickled me that we had made an Ed Balls cake but otherwise...well that was it.

And then, someone rounding up witty Ed Balls themed tweets shared it on a list. Then The Guardian mentioned the tweet. Then Mashable shared the tweet, and Buzzfeed shared the tweet, then The Metro picked up on it. Finally it appered on the BBC News website.

DD was livid. I had foolishly (because I hadn't been thinking) failed to tag her or mention that it was 'her cake'. I was 'famous' for five minutes, DD was not.

She is proud of her cake, and furious at me. Here, have some cake.