Swimming costume giveaway (£25 Voucher)

After yesterday's blog post reminder that we all have beach bodies, it seemed like fate that today I can offer you a swimming costume giveaway!

You may not be aware that I don't swim (*can't swim) but I live on the coast and so lounging about, looking awesome, while scantily clad, is very much in my remit.

DD on the other hand can swim and dive very well, in fact she once scammed me into paying out £200 in sponsorship for a swim in that I thought she'd manage about 10 lengths (she swam 100 at £2 a length! note to self - always add maximum amount to sponsorship form in future).

Swimming and lounging require various swimming costumes in my opinion and Swimshop have some fabulous sleek looking costumes, I imagine just looking at them would make you cut through the water faster.

They stock top brands, various sizes, and cater for men, women and children.

So if you or your family are up for a splash about then this is for you. I have £25 to be won to spend on the Swimshop site. And as they have gorgeous swim suits and bikinis from £14.99 and men's trunks, swimming accessories and children's pool toys too, you can treat yourself, or someone you like.

My favourite swimming costume is this one. (Because life is too short for shy and retiring!)

Maru Women's Sparkle Swimsuit - £27.99
This competition has ended.

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