Is your body beach ready?

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Ladies, is your body ready for a bikini? a swimming costume?

Men is your body all set for baggy trunks or tight speedos?

Of course it is!

The only things needed for a beach body are a beach and a body! (maybe a warm day)  Depending on the beach even the swimming costume is sometimes optional.

After a week in which a certain poster was decried, and larger than 'average' ladies (and as an aside, there will always be people larger and smaller than average, that's how averages work) were told they should not be able to shop in highstreet shops and should rather be 'ashamed' of their bodies, I thought I'd post.

Being outside of an average is of course normal. Being a size is just being a size. Some people are happy with their size and some are not, but pretty much every one dislikes being told negative stuff about their size, it is rarely motivating (I'm currently dieting to lose a few pounds, but I am getting fed up with being told I don't need to, or on one occasion last week that "you don't have any arse to speak of anyway" gee thanks) I suggest companies and famous people stop with negative stuff for a bit and embrace the varied populace with a bit of love and positivity.

Let's make clothes in sizes from very small to very large. I'd expect fewer items in the edges of the range but not none. Let's use various manikin sizes. Some styles suit larger figures better (IMO) and some suit smaller, but let's let buyers decide what they like.

Also I have an idea for companies wanting to sell diet products, and this idea is free, you can use it if you like.

Start with the headline Is Your Body Bikini Ready?

Follow up with Of Course it is and You Look Awesome!

then go with But if You Want Your Body to be a Different Shape We Can Help With That.

Then move on to All Bodies are Excellent, but if you need a change we can help.
Cue adverts re protein shakes, slimming bars and cake.

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