Christmas Gift Ideas - Part one - Real Books

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I realised recently that while I own a Kobo, and have the Kindle app on my iPad and on my android tablet, I actually prefer reading paper books. I was treated recently to two new books for my birthday, one by the master story teller Terry Pratchett and a second by an author newer to me, Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I had previously read The Shadow of the Wind and enjoyed it, so now I am looking forward to reading The Watcher in the Shadows. I think that books still make one of the best gifts, I even like the old cliché that "a book is a gift you can open again and again". So this blog post is here to point you at some reads that you may not have stumbled across and to let you know why you might find they make good gifts.

Amanda Jennings
She's quite quite fabulous, I have squished her boobs against mine once and that was nice. That has no bearing on her ability to write fine prose of course, or to hatch a good plot or to keep you guessing until a final few plot twists. But still, boobs.

She has written Sworn Secret, and The Judas Scar. Both pretty dark, both good reads, sort of 'why dunnits' rather than whodunnits. A good gift or a treat for yourself for a dark winters evening.

Edward Kendrick
He is also fabulous and I have hugged him too - also his wife and, to be fair, her boobs are also nice. (can't help noticing I'm being regularly distracted by boobs, I'll try not to it that happen again) Ed has written a science fiction story that is more about the inside of a mind than the inside of a space ship - though it is about both. Blank Canvas is well worth a read if you like psychological drama or sci-fi but especially if you like both.

Andy Stanton
I have been hugged by Andy (hmm seems to be a theme here) he gives lovely hugs and he writes hilarious books for children of all ages. Including my age. I'm a huge fan of his Mr Gum books but his latest picture book Here comes the Poo bus is a disgusting and vile delight. Go ahead get a copy for a child, they will love you forever.

Anthony McGowan
Don't ask ...of course I have hugged him. He wrote a fine book (amongst many) called Henry Tumour. A wry take on a boy coping with a brain tumour which made my teen daughter weep slightly...for the tumour. It's an unusual book but one that kept my daughter reading, and occasionally weeping) until the end. More recently he has written The Knife that Killed me, an even darker tale that I have yet to read. It looks like a good book for teens. Anthony has written lots of books I haven't read, I'll be popping some on my Amazon wish list. Why don't you do the same?

Josie Lloyd &  Emlyn Rees
You will be thrilled to hear that I have never hugged or even met Emlyn or Josie, however the very title of this book, along with the illustrations makes me include it as the perfect Christmas Gift! The Very Hungover Caterpillar, sounds beyond perfect for the drinker in your life!

Keri Smith
Again, no hugging, but I've seen some of her books in Waterstones and they looked like great fun (maybe not for your inner librarian!) and now DD (my lovely daughter) has added one or two to her wish list so I'm including one here. Check out Wreck This Journal, an irrevereant look at reading, writing and owning a book, oh and rule breaking...let a book take you outside your comfort zone!

Elli Woollard
Woozy the Wizard. I recently won a copy of this cute rhyming story for younger children. Perfect for those just starting to read or to read out loud. A simple sweet story with some funny moments. A lovely stocking filler, maybe mention that to Father Christmas when you next speak to him.

I pin books I like over on Pinterest too - do follow my board for more ideas. (also while I've used Amazon for links to book info, I often buy my books in book shops, it's so much more fun...browsing, touching, stroking)

Which books will you be buying this Christmas?

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