Gift Ideas - Part Two - Beauty gifts for those that are not into 'products'

I'm not a beauty blogger. I am not into 'products' and don't wear makeup. But like most (I hope) other people I do like to stay clean and presentable ... and I'm a bit of a green hippy.

So here are some products that would be good for the environmentally conscious, or slightly fussy among your friends and relatives.

Great for all ages and genders.

I was talking on twitter a while ago about my itchy scalp (lovely topic) and someone mentioned that maybe I was allergic to SLS. I had no idea what they were on about so I had a google. Lots of sites will tell you how deadly it is (it isn't) but several did have useful information. The main thing seems to be that this surfactant is used in almost every cleaning product going (it makes bubbles) and even 'natural' products often use it. I checked ingredient lists and sure enough it's everywhere. Some people can develop an allergy to it (it's common among hairdressers who wash hair a lot and have constant contact with products on their hands) and so it can be worth trying products without it in. Lots of info here http://slsfree.net/

I decided to give it a go and low and behold, after a week of SLS free shampoo my scalp cleared right up! No itching, no dry scaly skin, just soft pink happy head!

So I'm hooked on SLS free products. DD tried the shampoos too and declared they get her hair cleaner and leave it softer and silkier too, so she is also a convert.

We first tried the Naked Bodycare range which is fairly cheap but was recently acquired by Boots and there seems to be some doubt as to whether they will continue to make the products (which is a real shame) If still available they can be found here

When we realised that Naked Bodycare may be harder to obtain, DD and I scoured the web, where we discovered a local (to us) firm called Green People who have a fabulous range of products. Do take a look at their website (this post is not sponsored) We have been trying their shampoo and so far the results are the same, soft silky hair, no dandruff, no itching. You do need to wash, rinse and repeat if you want a lather, but the second wash gives a lather to amaze!

Copyright: frugo / 123RF Stock Photo
Other lovely products include items for Lush (sadly not SLS free) I particularly like the bath bombs, though take care as some have so much colouring they can stain the bath! Or at the very least leave a Dr Seuss style 'pink cat ring' around it. I do like the playdoh style soap for children though, and the solid soaps are great for camping ( no spillage risk!).

Badger balm is another recently discovered product for the non product user. A simple natural lip balm with lots of great flavours available. I bought via Amazon.

I do sometimes wear scent and when I do it's Clarins Eau Dymanisante, lovely fresh smell and won't break the bank.

Don't forget to look for special deals in the run up the Christmas, three for two offers, and gift boxes, but always check buying the items boxed as a set is the cheaper option, it's not always and sometimes the bottles are smaller. Why not make your own gift set from small items packed in shredded tissue paper (available from 99p stores and pound shops) in a fancy party bag.

What's you favourite product? Is it cheap and cheerful or luxuriously expensive?

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