Camp Bestival, or 'turning it off and on again'

Today in the news there was talking of the arrogance of the west (no arguments there) about sleep (oh, as you were...sleep eh?) and how sleep is important

I can see the parents nodding at the back, or maybe nodding off at the back. Yes they mumble, sleep is important, and I'm not getting any (no nor any of that either - I'm too tired)

Well I'm here to tell you exciting news!

Camping resets your body clock! Yes yes it does - the BBC wrote about it here 

Gratuitous Picture of Eton Mess served at Camp Bestival
Camping can be a great way to reboot, to 'switch yourself off and on again' as it were. Getting up with the light, snoozing in the sun if you get sleepy in the daytime, eating when hungry, going to bed when tired... And if you are panicking that you can't because ... you have kids and camping with kids is too stressful (I wrote about that here) then more good news!

Camp Bestival still has tickets and it's a festival designed for families, for children, for parents, even for babies! yes loyal reader a festival for all! (they don't mind if you are single, or even alone either, more the merrier, pile on in)

Camp Bestival has security to keep you safe and return lost kids, it has bars for relaxing grown ups and all kinds of free activities to keep small ones entertained, from clay modelling to dance schools. It has a quiet chill out baby tent, for snoozing babes, and breastfeeding mums (and bottle feeding mums and dads too of course!)

It has bouncy castles, jousting (yes real actual jousting!) circuses, dressing up with a cat walk (unleash your inner 'silly'!) lots of shops selling fun things, clothes, bubbles, wigs, food, hats...

This year Rob and Josie have been working on a Teen Arena so that those annoying lovely teens don't feel left out and can have some fun of their own, I know DD isexcited about this as we did start to feel she was getting too old for some of the kids stuff while not quite old enough for the grown up stuff.

I'm going this year as a Camp Bestival Official Blogger and I'm taking my brother and his family along to their FIRST festival! I can't wait to show them the joy of Camp Bestival.

Good gracious I failed to mention the MUSIC! It's a festival so of course there is music, dancing, Mr Tumble for the little ones, Chas and Dave for those older...I've been told to listen out for The Wedding Present, ... look at the whole line up here.

So? Are you coming? Grab a tent, some bubbles and some glow sticks, I'll save you a pitching spot...

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