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When Mr TM and I shop for the house, (and we hate shopping for boring house stuff) we tend to buy lots of things that won't 'go off' because that way we can leave nice long gaps between visiting the supermarket. We try and shop local for fresh foodstuffs.

When it comes to things like cleaning stuff, washing liquid, toilet rolls, rubber gloves, surface cleaner, toilet cleaner etc we tend to buy a lot ... as much as we can afford really, and store it away until we need it. Currently we have 8 bottles of Cif, 3 x 24 pack of toilet rolls, 4 each of bio and non bio washing liquid and 5L of washing up liquid...and 6 pairs of rubber gloves (I always imagine that at least in a zombie apocalypse scenario we will be clean)

The reason we have 5L of washing up liquid is because I was asked by NCSOnline to write a review. Little did they realise that I was already a bulk buying convert!

Now I realise that to buy in bulk you have to spend a bit up front and that's not possible for everyone, but if you can then once you get started you can save a lot of money! (and save on boring trips to the supermarket)

So I've been trying the washing up liquid and it seems at least as good as the one I normally use (It's very thick and removes grease well, though oddly it loses its green colour while in the sun on the window ledge - not that being green makes a washing up liquid work!) and at £4.25 for 5L is a good saving, even a supermarket own brand works out at £5.90 for 5L and as I browse the NCS Online Kitchen Cleaning Products I can see a few more things that I could make some savings on. As always, check postage costs when buying online, buying more can save you that too!

So take a look and see if buying in bulk could save you some money.

Disclaimer ; I was sent the 5L washing up liquid to review but the opinions in this post are my own

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  1. I bulk buy toilet rolls and cleaning products....It does save money....Only problem is when I get a bit carried away I struggle to find somewhere to store them....


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