Reading and giving away books

I like reading, though I used to read more before blogging and social media..well I used to read more books, now I read your stories, your news and your opinions.

But I do still read books, sometimes on my Kobo ereader, sometimes on my Kindle app and more often on actual paper.

The nice thing about paper books is how easy they are to share too. Even the very non-techy person can share a paper book.

BookCrossing is a rather fun way to not only share but to redistribute, give away and track your books.

You can register a book for free, add it's BookCrossing ID (BCID) to the book and then anyone that reads the book can log on and report on the books travels.

I'm a huge fan of 'wild releases' where you register a book, and then 'set it free' in any location you choose, a bus stop, a park bench, a playground, a cafe, a hospital, etc.

I had a sort of gap where I forgot to bookcross, I don't know why as it's great fun, one of my books travelled to New Zealand! but even those that don't get reported (what happens to them? where are they?) are still fun to release, to imagine their travels.

So I've started BookCrossing again. Why not register? Take a look, be my friend there, watch what books are released in your area, maybe even go hunting for some! Let your kids play too, I have just started a book release challenge involving kids books in kid friendly places.

Join in. Lets make the whole world a library.

There are useful printables if you can't afford to buy official labels, stickers and bags, but want your books to look a bit more official than just having writing in them.

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