Tattooed Mummy's Alternative Blog Awards 2014


Once upon a time I held some alternative blog awards.

It was almost exactly a year ago and that time has come around again. And so with out further ado I am going to request nominations for blogs in the following categories.

  • Blogger with the Snuggliest Boobs
  • Best Bearded Blogger
  • Blogger with the Hottest Arse
  • Most Boring Post on a Blog
  • Blogger you'd most like to Take Home
  • Blogger That made you Cry laughing in 2013
  • Angriest Blogger
  • Most Positive Blog/Feel Good Blog 
  • Blog with the best life advice
  • Blog that doesn't fit into a category but it's a Blog and I like it

A blog must have 2 or more nominations to be entered in the final but you can nominate (or second a nomination) for your own blog.

To nominate just leave a comment here with the Blog name and url (comments are moderated so don't panic if you don't see it right away.) Nominations will remain open for ONE WEEK (probably). Closing some time next weekend, when I can be arsed.

There are amazing prizes..amazing in that there are NONE! No prizes at all for any winning blogs, except..a fabulous badge which I'm going to spend upwards of ten minutes making RIGHT NOW! So get nominating, who are the bloggers that deserve your scorn adulation? Let me know, we must tell the world!

And remember, it's not the size of the blog, it's what you do with it!