Musketeers drinking game

A drinking game to play while watching The Musketeers, for a teetotal version use marshmallows instead of shots

Take a drink when ...

  • A Musketeer leaps through a window - 2 drinks, (one if it's anyone else that leaps)
  • A musketeer is running through a market and a stall is upset - 2 drinks (one if it's anyone else)
  • Someone is threatening someone with a musket but not shooting - 1 drink
  • There is a Man hug - I drink
  • There is a Heaving bosom - 1 drink
  • A musketeer denies being hurt or down plays a wound that is obvious to everyone - 1 drink
  • A Musketeer kisses a woman - 1 drink
  • A musketeer fights with a sword in each hand - 2 drinks (one for each sword)
  • A musketeer gets topless - 2 drinks
  • Anyone is surprised in their underwear or other state of undress - one drink
  • A musketeer stands brooding in the rain - 1 drink
  • A woman banadages a mans wounds - 1 drink
  • A woman folds linen - 1 drink
  • Anyone swirls a cape - 1 drink
  • A musketeer takes a drink....match them drink for drink
  • A musketeer thinks about, or moons over, a lost/past love - 1 drink

Anyone still sober?

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