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Question Time

Where do you do most of your writing/blogging?

Well obviously lately I've hardly done any! (lazy cow I hear you rave) but usually in my lunch break or, if I'm lucky, on the laptop in front of the telly. But I prefer a real keyboard for a proper rant.

 What books were your childhood favourites?

Oh I loved to read as a kid, still do though I seem to spend more time dipping in and out of twitter. So lately I read lots of short stories (also in my lunch break and often  on my kindle app on my tab) but this isn't about now, it's about 'then'.

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I've been an adult for so long some childhood books are lost in my memory, more are remembered from my DDs toddler years than my own. I adored the Wishing Chair stories by Enid Blyton though. And as a teen was a big horror fan, devouring books by James Herbert and Stephen King (not literally obviously) as fast as they wrote them. Several children's books i loved and continue to love though are Rebecca's World by Terry Nation (that chap that invented the daleks) and now sadly out of print and only available as an audio book, and  Stig of the Dump by Clive King (maybe this explains my love of the outdoor life? cave man experiences as a small child!)  And Just William is rather fab isn't he?

Have you ever Googled yourself and been surprised at what you’ve found?

I regularly google my own name to ensure I'm hard to find. I'm relieved to report that I am. As I have a very unique name all the hits I get are actually me and they are few, 3 BBC Letters on the News pages, a book review and a link to a place I used to work at years ago. Google always likes to 'suggest' I may have typed my name wrongly though and do i mean 'name of famous super model' which is nice :-)

 What is your favourite time of day and why?

Most days - bedtime. But if a day off or camping then in the morning. Coffee, leisurely breakfast, no hurries. But sleep is my true love.

Who would play me in a movie of my life?

 Sigourney Weaver - no question. Perfect.

One material possession I could not live without.

My tent. Though DH has bought me a storm kettle for Christmas so maybe that. Something camping related anyway. Love camping.
Have you ever been naked in public?

Often. I have no problem with nudity. I don't look bad for my age even now so I don't think too many people would be put off their cornflakes if I was naked even more often. I used to attend a mixed spa, have wandered topless along a local beach...I'd be naked all the time if I wouldn't end up like the poor Naked Rambler (oh and not when it was freezing cold - I don't love nudity that much!)

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What/who/where was your first proper kiss?

I refer you to @rushynet on twitter for twas him! I was 9 or so, he a year older, I was madly in love. It was all very sweet and romantic. Sadly we lost touch when he changed schools, and then i moved,  ah young love!

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So now I have to pass on this meme......

I pass it to

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  1. She speaks the truth for twas ME!

  2. Love my silly preface. Huzzah for silliness and a bit of tag. Many thanks - I shall do at some point (although you may need to hunt me down and remind me as I am very liable to forget)


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