Feeling Ranty?

Right, I'm not going to rant about the Royal thing *whispers the word 'baby'*; it is news, but we all know now. Let's hope Kate gets the treatment she needs for a very real, very serious pregnancy complication. That is all.

I'm not going to rant about anything actually, I was...but then I started typing and thought, 'you know what, it's not worth the hassle, ranting is simply too stressful, yes Rhianna has made a silly choice and will (hopefully) live to regret it, yes press freedom and privacy are important, yes feeding dolphins is risky if you don't pay attention and let your kid wave their little pink arms over the tank, and yes countries fighting for decades and decades with far too many dead is important (and stupid, and rage inducing) but today I can't be arsed.

Today I shall watch the 'Dog adopts Tiger Cubs' video again instead.

Have a nice day

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