Hallelujah! The Easter Craft Swap Happened!

I disorganised an Easter Craft Swap way back, and it's been and gone. I would like to thank everyone that took part. Special thanks to the people that took pics of the crafts and emailed them to me (oh is that a dig at anyone that hasn't? maybe!)

The standard of awesome things made was, as always, very high. Here are some of the lovely things..

and at least one person blogged about her lovely gift before i got around to it! Go check out the blog post and pics here 

If you still haven't sent me a pic(or you have but don't see it here) , please do - so I can add it - thanks


  1. Some great looking stuff there, I want the egg/chick combo at the bottom!

    1. (that was the one i received!! cute isn't it!)


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