and while we are talking Festivals

I went to the Out of The Ordinary Festival at the end of September, we were blessed (maybe by mother nature herself?) with fabulous weather and the best people on Earth.

I ate fabulous food, we listened to bands we had never heard of (but enjoyed anyway) and the kids tried out circus skills...oh and there was cake.

Here are some pictures of the awesome.

Making stoves from cans

I especially enjoyed New Groove Formation
Circus skills and climbing fun

The Best curry I have ever had, in a field

 Wood Spirits...

 Recycling.....yes it's my Pim's can
 Lovely places to chill and eat vege food
 Did I mention that there was shopping too!

and for all your late night needs....

admit it, you wish you'd been! next year? see you there!


  1. Oooh, looks good, whereabouts is it? X x

  2. @Melksham Mum it's at Knockhatch near Hailsham :-)

  3. Looks fab!
    I'll put a link to your review on the Festival Kidz site if you don't mind? x


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