During the Summer I went to Camp Bestival

and I don't think I ever got round to telling you all how awesome it was! Obviously much of it is a blur due to copious amounts of Pim's (it's terribly middle class dahling!) but we did get to see Mark Ronson (carrying on despite the tragic death of Amy Winehouse only days before) and the (and the Business International) were great, loved dancing to the bicycle song with DD - catch the song on YouTube if you've not heard it yet

DD enjoyed seeing Dick and Dom (maybe I did too) and the entire campsite rang to the sound of BOGIES! yelled at every opportunity all night on Saturday.

The Insect Circus was a highlight again.

I did not touch Mr Tumble this year, but we can't have everything.

DD adored Silly Science.

I loved seeing (and heariing) Jaguar Skills - it was late though, so DD slept in our middle class trolley :-)

The food was good, the people were friendly. It was a gorgeous festival as always and we have already signed up for tickets for next year, do comment here if you are going, it would be fun to meet up.

My tent is easy to spot :-)

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