The one where I share money saving tips and then lose the plot

Today I listened to The Jeremy Vine show. Sadly I often have to listen to his inane ramblings and tedious subjects as I share an office, and democracy dictates the majority rule the radio waves. Often his callers are as misinformed and as odd in their ideas as he seems to be (I fervently hope he is just pretending to be as stupid as he sometimes appears) any way today took the biscuit with some top money saving tips…

Now I don’t know about you but I do try and save money. Most of the way we do that is fairly obvious, we buy cheap unbranded stuff, we switch off lights we are not using, we don't buy newspapers, we turn off electrical appliances, etc

So I was a little surprised to hear the advice “Buy dresses in the sale to save money” Wow, I thought, how lucky he told us that! Who knew! Sale items are cheaper than full price! Great tip!

And to be fair I tuned out as much as I could after that, but still stupid money saving tops, from the glaringly obvious to the blatantly stupid began to pop into my head and so, without further ado I share them. I hope you don’t need to instigate any because either you already do them or you can see that they are plainly ridiculous.

My thanks to several tweeters for joining in with my idiocity.

  • Buy things that are a bit cheaper than you usually buy
  • Eat a bit less
  • Ask the green grocer if he has any old vegetables ‘for your rabbit’ – eat these (My MIL actually used to do this)
  • Try the above tip with bones for the ‘dog’ from the butcher – make soup
  • Read your neighbours’ newspapers the day after they are printed, they can be easily rescued from the recycling bin under cover of darkness
  • When a mate visits, ask them to bring their own tea bag, or batter yet, a flask of tea.
  • Ask your neighbour if you can ‘borrow’ a cup of sugar. Do this weekly, never give any back
  • Don’t buy any clothes at all for at least a year, you have too many anyway.
  • Switch off your car engine when going down hill.
  • Use a head torch powered by cheap pound shop batteries rather than turn lights on in the home
  • Get rid of your TV and save on the licence fee
  • Ditto telephone
  • And also electricity…and your car
  • Drip hot wax onto your head and stick a candle on it, even cheaper than a head torch!

 And it was at that very point I realised I needed a lie down, or a cup of tea…

Can you spare a cup of sugar?  

Please add more tips below, serious or silly, all appreciated


  1. walk everywhere. preferably barefoot (save on shoe leather)

  2. You may laugh now but a friend of mine always texts me just before I go over and says "if you want a cuppa bring some tea bags and milk" ... I thought it was just because she had run out the first time she did it, but she does it every time now ... I should start doing the same to her when she comes over mine really, shouldn't I?

  3. Instead of blogging (which takes up a ton of effort and electricity) shout all of your random thoughts at the dog and cat in the house. They're better listeners anyways. (Lol)

  4. You know that comment about dog bones isn't so mad. We get great ones from the butcher and only the other day I suddenly found myself thinking "this would make really good soup" !!


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