Wordy Wednesday Reborn

I have let Wordy Wednesday slowly drift away. You'll have noticed a lack of bookish posts and this cannot be allowed to go on!

No the words must return.

You might recall that Wordy Wednesday started as a silly obverse to wordless Wednesday photos posted on many blogs each week.

For quite a while I interviewed authors such as Gregg Jenner, Joanne Harris, and Marion Grace Woolley and a few times I posted about book suggestions or my own reviews.

I have been using Goodreads to monitor my reading more and have been failing in the simple task of duplicating my reviews here - I really must try harder.

Luckily a few die hard bookish blog fans, and even a few authors (Thanks Edd) have nagged me enough that I shall plan at least one Wednesday of words a month, maybe more, from now on.

Today I shall fill you in on what I've been reading, and also what I've been listening to because words can come at you aurally as well as visually! Yes I've been using my Audible app lots of the drives to and from work, multitasking to get some extra books into my brain.

First I re listened to The Martian by Andy Weir, as it's one of my favourite audio books. Unabridged it's pretty long and the first time I listened I worried it would be bored by the amount of mathematical equations but amazingly it becomes gripping very quickly and the maths adds to the story and the tension rather than detract form  it. The narrator is also excellent, which really helps with audible books, I have had to return two books unread as the narrator was just awful.

I am also a fair way through Moby Dick, or The Whale, by Herman Melville, another book with a lot of factual asides and these do sometimes take you so far from the story you forget where you started, but there are some genuine laugh out loud parts, at least in the beginning, some homo-eroticism, and plenty of peril. I'm only 60% through the tale at the moment and Ahab remains relatively sane...but we all know where this is going...

If you fancy signing up for Audible - use my afilliate link and I get some pennies! Also you can get your first book free. After that it's £7.99 a month for a credit against any book, no contract, stop at any time, and they often have two for one deals.

Lastly I have started an actual paper book. The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin, it's a science fiction story translated from the original Chinese, so far the history is being set for the reader and it's a dark time in the revolution. Our hero sees her father brutally killed and her mother driven insane, but where will this lead ....

Here's hoping I will be able to update you with more wordy news soon!

Comment below to let me know what you've been reading, or be my friend on GoodReads and stalk my book habits there.

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