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Roger is a crime fighter turned crime writer, who spent over thirty years in the police force, retiring as a detective inspector in charge of a covert undercover drugs unit which achieved national acclaim. He served on various units and squads and saw service across the UK, Europe and beyond. Roger bases his crime fiction writing on his many experiences. Some of which were good, some not so good.
Roger's first two novels are in the 'Burrows and Lee' series; 'By Their Rules' and 'A New Menace' and chart the adventures of Jane Lee and John Burrows in their work for the secretive 'Special Projects Unit' where they take on the bad guys with no rules of engagement.
'NEMESIS' is the first in the new 'Badge and the Pen' series which follows the fortunes of detective inspector Vinnie Palmer who finds an unlikely ally in TV news reporter Christine Jones, as they chase common threats but from very different agendas.
‘VENGEANCE’ is the second outing for Vinnie and Christine in the ‘Badge and the Pen’ series where they both face the most unlikely of threats, as they race to save lives.

Wowser! Welcome to the blog Roger,
You write what you know, but doesn't it ever feel a bit like a bus man's holiday? Would you ever be tempted to write other genres?
I suppose it could do, but for now I’m enjoying writing crime thrillers. Taking thrillers as a genre aside, the whole ambit of crime fiction is wide with plenty of opportunities to explore, though I’d probably never write the cosy mysteries, as good as many are, it’s not my end of the spectrum. I guess my writing is driven by real experiences which were often gritty.

What made you more nervous, knowing a book was finally published and everyone could read and critique it, or your family reading it?
When you surface from your self-imposed writing exile it is always nerve-wracking when your work is first displayed. Especially, to the reading public; not only have they paid to read your work, which gives them total rights to say what they think, they are impartial and therefore say it as they see it. Writers have to grow a thick skin, sometimes.

Which are your favourite crime novels by other authors?
So many excellent authors to choose from. I love Stephen Leather’s Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd series, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Ian Rankin’s Rebus and Nick Oldham’s Henry Christie and many more. I write as I like to read; I like pacy narrative with characters that are realistic. I like police procedural to be correct; it drives me mad when it is flawed beyond reason.

What three things are guaranteed to make you smile?

Laurel and Hardy, seeing my grandchildren and receiving a rave review of one of my books.

Do you have any pets
No pets, though I’ve often thought about getting a dog. I quite like the idea of going for muse inciting walks.

Which book(s) are you reading at the moment?
Just about to start Stephen Leather’s Takedown.

Where do you do most of your writing?
The loft! I have an office up there and find that the added solitude helps. After all, Roald Dahl had a bath chair in his garden shed, so the loft doesn’t sound too extreme I hope.

Do you every write your friends and family into books without them realising...?
Great question, but no. (but you would say that)  I think if you base a character from a real person it can limit you as a writer when you may need to take them in a certain direction. The other problem is that if you do, and the character does something demeaning and your real life person recognises themselves they may be unhappy in how they see themselves as portrayed. You may even be guilty of libel. So safer not to. Though I do take little bits and pieces from several people to make up a composite with a large dollop of imagination thrown in.

Tell us about the character that you've written that you like the most - no spoilers!
I love DI Vinnie Palmer and TV news reporter Christine Jones who are the main characters in Nemesis and Vengeance. They make unlikely bedfellows by virtue of their different occupations but both rely on each other. The development of their personal relationship is also fun to watch.

What is your favourite biscuit?
Chocolate digestives. Yum.

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee when I’m working, Tea when I’m not.

In the film of your life who would play you?
A younger Clint Eastwood – but only because I love his Dirty Harry character.

If you could genetically cross an animal and a vegetable, what would you pick and why? I like the idea of a potato and a sloth...could you get a lazier creature? (my soul mate)
Ha ha, what a brilliant question. How about a cow and a baked bean; a continuously self-generating wind machine. How funny would that be?


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