Cardooo Cards - a review

I was sent a couple of birthday cards recently (it's OK - it's not until next month you still have time to buy me a present.) and was asked to review them.
A card, or a book, or a game...

I don't review things I wouldn't buy or use myself and these are brilliant! They are only £3 and before you start moaning about the price of cards etc wait...these are not just cards! They have stickers and a background to create your own picture, they have a story in them, they have colouring pages (yes they are really little books not cards at all!) they have puzzles, they have a board game!! (I know! it's ridiculous) they have quizzes, maps, game ideas...it's not exaggerating, I think, when they claim to keep kids entertained for hours!
Activity card from Cardooo

Most of the cards feel a bit boy/girl themed, at least in the age range selection, but I'll forgive that as the actual cards are terrific!
Fairy themed card from Cardooo

I will be sending one to my sponsored child in Uganda as I sometimes struggle which what fun things I can send her that are small enough to post.
Dinosaur themed card from Cardooo

These cards are great to send to a child overseas, or one you see often, I'll be honest I might start sending them to adults too,  so much better than a £2.99 card that is just a grinning bear with a puerile message in - these cards inspire action. I love the fairy tale story ones too. They are available at Asda for £3

Not only can Cardooo cards be enjoyed for weeks rather than being left on the mantelpiece for days, but the activities make them ideal for kids on the go or rainy days.

To see the full range of Cardooo cards visit their website: http://www.cardooo.com/

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