Bundle of Baby Things - giveaway

As you know, the lovely DD is 15 and thus not a baby.

When she was a baby I was the sort of mum that bought the minimum amount of stuff that I considered  properly essential for a baby. A few baby gros, some towelling nappies, a cot. I think that was pretty much it. But there is so much you can buy isn't there? Wipes, baby baths, chairs, monitors, sterilisers...

And now there is even more choice, some things I confess are rather a good idea. Like a disposable nappy kit to grab when you are off out, everything you need in one handy grab pack - perfect to stash in the car or shove into a coat pocket or your bag.

Or teething rings, and even I needed baby bum cream on occasion (not for me! for the baby!)

Then if you choose to use a bottle for formula or expressed milk you need that...so you'll be pleased to hear I have a little bundle of goodies to give away.

Usual drill, UK only, enter using the Rafflecopter thingy below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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