Blog on Win - my review of a blogging event.

I need to tell you about a blogging event I attended a week ago. I am a shy person in real life (I know - hard to believe) so I usually don't do the 'meeting other bloggers' thing. And I've been blogging for 10 years now - much longer than most of the organisers of the events, so it feels a bit weird if I'm honest.

But Blog On Win - held by the BlogOnUK team at Winchester was great! It was held at the Winchester Science Centre (which I didn't even know existed - looks great and is now on my list of places to visit for a day) and apart from the dreadfully poor wifi and total lack of mobile signal (even in the car park!) the day was excellent.

Unlike many of these events it was cheap to attend so I didn't feel ripped off and didn't have to consider getting sponsored to attend. There was coffee and yoghurt when we arrived, a 'make your own' name badge set up - which I actually loved as it meant we could decide what we wanted to be known as for the day.

Lots of great brands were there too - and after the first talk by Peter Lunn (which while not really telling me anything I didn't know - did emphasise where I was doing things right, so that's always nice!) DD and I (for she is a blogger too and had a ticket) mooched about chatting to the various promotional folk in the hallway. DD loved the Little Ondine nail polishes, wanted to win a talking parakeet (she didn't @Goriami did) and we both enjoyed playing with the toys at the Trends UK stand, some fabulous gadgets! I spent too long looking at Hotter shoes and DD secretly wanted a Teenage Ninja turtle toy but she was content with a cute Zelf! We tried to tweet some of the fun but as I said, there was no signal. How odd to be at a blogging and social media event and being cut off from the internet.

There was an interesting talk about working with brands, and it was good to be able to ask questions, and not be judged for a lack of knowledge, when I started blogging working with brands just wasn't a thing, now it seems to be all some blogs do!

3d pens!
Lunch was sandwiches, and yummy cake, DD aquired sweets from a friendly blogger, and we bought charity raffle tickets (we didn't win anything) DD also played the tombola and won a T shirt for Mr TM and a selfie stick!

Last fun of the day was spent with the Scummy Mummies, forcing us to reveal our horrific and hilarious bad parenting moments - my favourite was the mum that sent her son to school with his pyjamas on under his uniform because "I just couldn't argue anymore" I think we've all been there! The Scummy Mummies were, of course, an absolute scream!

It was lovely to meet so many people I know online too- and the whole day was friendly, open and un-cliquey. I felt relaxed and among friends, if I had one criticism it would be that it was a bit 'mummy' orientated - but some days it seems that's the way blogs are going. I'd love to be able to take DD to a blogging event where she felt more included.

zigamazoo giggles
Zigamazoo Giggles

DD was very impressed with the size of our goodie bags (yes plural! - I was impressed too but I'm playing it cool)
Beard at Blog On Win

So a huge thank you to all at BlogonUK and to the Winchester Science Centre, to all the brands, and to the speakers. I hope to be going to more events now!

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