Word Wednesday with Zaro Weil

Today's Wordy Wednesday is with Zaro Weil, author of Journey Back to the Great Before. You can find out more about today's mysterious guest at http://journeybacktothegreatbefore.com/

So I began with the usual questions...

When did you start writing?

Very young…maybe around 7 or 8.
What 3 things (not including paper, computer, pens) would you like to facilitate a good days writing?

A view, cup of tea/coffee, lots of pillows
Do you write to a schedule, eg every day or three times a week, set times, etc or do you write as and when the mood strikes?

I write any time any where. It could be in my cabin in the woods, or on a train, or in bed, or on a bench in the middle of a park.
Is writing your main source of income, I read lots of articles saying writers make no money, and my readers asked this question a lot! Can you survive on book writing alone? if not, what else do you do?

I don’t write for money although it would be great to have a film made from my book and use the money to take a trip around the world. (As research for Volume 2 of Journey)
What are your favourite biscuits?

Little Spanish cookie donuts made of almonds with icing on the top.(ooh sound nice!)

Where do you do most of your writing?

In bed or on a sofa.(I'm impressed you can write like that, I'm sure I'd fall into a fantasy world of sleep!)
What book are you reading at the moment?

“Swerve” by Stephen Greenblatt

Do you use social media (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) to engage with your audience, do you think it helps sales and do you find it fun or a chore? 

I wish I knew how to use it better, but in fact I find it a little embarrassing. But I guess it does really help sales if one is good at it.

Do you own an e-reader? and do you prefer to read digital or paper copy?

I own an e-reader. Two. But I prefer a hard copy and love to turn pages.
Do you dream in colour?

Of course.
If reading and writing were banned, what would you do instead?

Eat and cook and watch films and make films
What is your ideal holiday?

Going to new places with other languages and seeing things that amaze me.

Massive thanks to Zaro for taking part, her book Journey Back to the Great Before is available now, find out about other books she has written at GoodReads

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