Dettol - Fighting Colds and Flu so you don't have to

I was sent this video this week and it made me laugh.

Each year I have my flu jab, but I do hate seeing people coughing and sneezing all over the place! I try to sneeze into my elbow rather than my hand, but touching all those things that other people have sneezed on or touched with coughed into hands ... just yuk. At home I can keep antibacterial sprays around (and yes I've talked before about not being scared of the odd germ or two but cold season is starting and this is WAR!) but out and about ...I carry anti bacterial gel. Being a festival goer I always have a few small bottles around (those festival loos!) . I am much keener on hand hygiene in the sneeze season.

Do you worry? Avoid door handles? (and stair rails?) or just hope for the best? Some tips on hand washing here.

Disclosure - I am being sent some Dettol products in exchange for sharing this video - but it's true about the laughing, and the elbow, and the hand gel...oh and the flu jab...look it's all true OK?

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