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Now that DD is a grownup teen we don't do so many of the fun little Christmas things we did when she was small. Partly because she is older and partly as I'm back at work full time.

I sort of miss the messy glitter, the cotton wool stuck to fingers with PVA glue. Maybe that's why this year I did the silly little present a day advent calendar!

I received an email today with some fun Christmas ideas so I'm going to share in the hope you can do some, because trust me one day your little monsters children will be all grown up and you'll miss it all - no really!

So here are some ideas from  London’s most trusted nanny agency , giving their tips on how to make Christmas truly magical:-

Make Christmas Crafts
Letting your children loose with some craft supplies or making handmade Christmas decorations together is a great way to bond and get excited for the arrival of Father Christmas. Whether it’s paper snowflakes or something larger such as painting a model of a Christmas tree, it’s a fun way to pass some time and talk about the jolly season. (it may also cause you to need a new carpet, and will ensure a house full of glitter well into February, but that's half the fun!) Red Ted Art is my go to crafting blog for ideas!

Bake Christmas cookies
Kids always love baking, but especially at Christmas time! Christmas eve can be a great day to bake, as you can leave some of the treats for Father Christmas to enjoy. Festive shaped cookie cutters are quite easy to find, such as stars or holly, and are fun to decorate too. If you are having guests over for Christmas dinner or a party on Boxing day, you can bake a large batch and the children can be proud to show off their baking skills to family and friends. I have a great no spread (and no chill!) cookie recipe here - we will be making some for Christmas this year.

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Make traditions
Every family has its own traditions – what’s your Christmas tradition? Does everyone own Christmas pyjamas or a onesie that you all wear on Christmas eve? How about writing and sending letters to the North Pole on 1st Dec without fail, or attending your local nativity as a family? Perhaps you always go to the London light switch on and even invite your daily nanny to join in the festive celebrations. A Christmas tradition will make it feel like a special time of year. We sort of started a 'new pyjamas on Christmas eve' tradition a few years ago, and we always watch a family movie together, with snacks and hot chocolate (or booze!) on Christmas eve. I also try to continue my family tradition of opening Christmas presents after lunch on Christmas day, but I'm fighting a losing battle!

What are your ideas for the perfect Christmas? And are there any things you miss from your childhood, or when your children were younger?

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