My 99p Summer!

I love a bargain. I browse ebay, use charity shops and generally like to sniff out a good deal. With this in mind I often pop into the 99p Store, so when I saw they wanted some bloggers to take up a challenge, I was quick to email.

Bloggers were given £10 of vouchers to create a fun summer, and of course that's 10 things from the 99p Store (even my poor maths was up to that!) and for me the real challenge was only buying ten things! (I may have cheated) And one of us could even win an iPad!

So here is the first in a few posts, about how to have a fabulous time with only a tenner. Hopefully you'll get some ideas and if you are near a 99p store you could pop in and grab some fun!

So, I went into my local 99p Store and as it was a scorching day I stood for a moment enjoying the air con. Then onto business!

I resisted all the bath products, and the books, and dvds, and garden stuff...

Here is my haul.
Some things for festivals, some slightly 'crafty'  things for wet days (if we ever have another one) some Coppertone factor 50 suncream (for the sunny days we still have) and some toys for ...just for fun!

So we started with what maybe my favourite, tiny 'Whizzy Bugs' which are a generic Hex Bug Nano, a tiny vibrating mechanical bug, way more fun than they sound, they race around like tiny cockroaches, bumping into things and each other (yes I cheated I bought an extra one later they were SO good) This video shows them on a tray, they are funnier in 'the wild' but harder to film!

And then DD settled down to make the Space Craft from the 'block tech' (not Lego but 'compatible with leading brands! in the dark when you step on one you wouldn't know the difference!) and it was great! 99p to take over the Empire? Why yes please I think I will.(I should mention they also had military cars, planes and another spaceship design)

I laughed for more than 5 minutes that a Spaceman has pens in his SHIRT pocket.

So far our 99p summer is off to a great start. Next I'll show you the festival goodness. Stay tuned.

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  1. I have no 99p shop :( This makes me sad. I do have a £shop which is pretty good though :)


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