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More news from my 99p task, (catch up by clicking here) I use the 99p Stores a lot for festival and camping stuff.

Some of the best things I've bought in the past are solar lights, inflatable camping pillows, spare guy ropes, pen knives, torches, batteries and enamel plates and cups. Also metal water bottles, wet wipes, hand gel...

But for the 99p summer challenge I went for some kids festival staples (not actual staples - thought they sell those in the stationery aisle too) things that you really ought to take with you because if you don't (and you have kids) then you'll be nagged to buy them and they cost a fortune on site!

So number one, Sun block, factor 50 but in a small handy (hand bag?) size. No excuse then to not carry it around to slap on when the sun shines (oh yes it will!)

Then some glow sticks, 99p stores have them in packs of 15, one festival I went to sold them on site at 99p per stick! Kids love these as it gets dark, handy to use as night lights later and good for decorating a trolley or ensure you can spot a toddler in the dark by the tent.

And then giant bubble wands. 2 for 99p bargain! Bubbles keep even my teen entertained, giant bubble wands have become a bit of a 'thing' at Camp Bestival and many other family festivals, if you have smaller children they sell ordinary sized bubbles too - in multipacks for 99p

And last (but possibly best) a pack of modelling balloons and pump, great for a bored child (or dad!) early in the morning or to make an amusing hat, or a poodle to be your own special festival friend!

You'll spot more of these in my festival posts later - off to Camp Bestival on Thursday!

Are you festivalling? All prepared? Or off to the 99p stores!?

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  1. Looks like a great selection, I nearly went for the bubble wands too, but Monkey already had one. Look forward to hearing about your festival adventures with #my99psummer


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