What will your body look like after having a baby?

When you grow a baby in your tummy your tummy gets bigger to make room, the skin stretches, the muscles give, sometimes stuff tears, you might get stretch marks, saggy skin and a slight 'belly' after you have had the baby.

If you are naturally skinny and have fabulous stomach muscles and are lucky you may 'snap back into shape' (or flattish tummy) after a couple of months. But probably you won't. You might be bothered by that and diet and exercise but probably, unless you are very wealthy and have a nanny, housekeeper etc you won't because you'll be busy enough just keeping the house tidy (ha!) and the baby clean and fed, and yourself washed (ha!) and getting some sleep (hahahahahahahahahhahahahah!)

I'm telling you all this because the media is in a feeding frenzy about our new prince. He is a chunky lad, and lucky he is a lad - good lord can you imagine the media if we had a 'beautiful princess, petite and lovely, glowing in her pink beauty, sparkling etc etc - so he's fine being chunky and crying 'lustily' and all the other macho things babies do ...what?! what?!

oh where was I, yes I'm telling you about the tummy thing because OK! Magazine (amongst others) seem obsessed that Kate has a bump. Women's magazines on the whole are obsessed with women's size and weight, and no celebrity is safe so we really shouldn't be surprised that Kate is a target because she 'bravely showed her post baby bump' (as opposed to what? hiding behind William? wearing a sandwich board?) Of course she has a bump, there was over 8lb of squirming person in there until very recently! She will of course have all the help she needs from family and staff, no doubt her food will be lovingly calorie counted and prepared and she will regain her 'perfect' figure.

But you know what? It doesn't really matter if she doesn't. It's nice to look nice, to be clean and healthy, but being perfect is over rated. Being a mum  is really what matters. And I hope she enjoys it. And if you are a mum reading this, I hope you enjoy it too. What ever your size. Because you made a person. You are awesome.

What babies think of fashion. :-)

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