Sunny Sunday

Worthing Dome Cinema
A real holiday feel today. I popped into town with DD and she amused herself on the bungee trampolines (twice) and had a go in a Zorb ball, we played air hockey (during which I accidentally let go of the thingy you hit the puck with and nearly killed a small child) When we'd stopped laughing we played on the 2p machines and won a tiny 'poo' (the little guy from the Eon energy ad but in brown ...so ...)

We walked round the classic American car show and lusted over the gleaming hunks of sparkingly polished metal, and the men with tats and beards. DD decided she wants to be a biker and ride a huge trike.
We have decided to try the funfair this evening, might even go on the waltzer - do the young fit guys still hang onto the back of them and jump from car to car? *hopeful face*


  1. Air hockey should be classed as an extreme sport. I played it once and broke my nose :O

  2. You're making me want a holiday now!


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