Granpa Guff, The Accidental Astronaut - a review

Gosh! Granpa Guff, the Accidental Astronaut is now available in paperback as well as on Kindle!

I was given a copy of this rather fun story on Kindle to review it, and DD and I enjoyed the story, I dare say it would entertain many a nipper.

First I must say I loved the illustrations, I read on a Galaxy Tab Kindle app so I saw them in glorious technicolor and they really are great, very funny.

I read the book with 13 year old DD and you might think we'd be too old for this sort of story but the fast pace (and some funny asides) and the rude humour amused us both.

Do you believe all that your grandfather tells you? You know the tall tales of an exciting youth or 'how things used to be'. Well this Granpa has some tall tales indeed, tall enough to reach to the moon! but are they true? They sound horrible enough to be :-) Could you accidentally be shot into space? What would life on the spaceship be like? What if you need a wee, or feel sick o_0, how would you eat? and what if there were spiders on the spaceship, spiders that bite!

A great story to start some rather bizarre discussions and for children that enjoy 'gross' things. With the recent excitement created about space by the wonderful tweets of Cmdr Hadfield I think this is the perfect time to buy a space themed story! (and try and work out the real from the *ahem* not so real)

Any fan of Spiders from Mars (wink) will like this story. A fun read for you and the kids, especially if you are grandfather with tall tales of your own, because you will sound even more believable after this one!

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  1. Love the idea of this. Will have to see if I can get it on the kindle.

    Thanks for linking it up x


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