Violence and Rage - a ranty outburst

So for ages I have no idea what to blog about and now today I'm so ranty I can't focus enough to rant properly!

Ugh! Newspapers. All year people online whinge and moan about how inaccurate the reporting is of a demonstration, or a new law or a celebrities weight or what ever. "The papers lie!" they shriek, foam flicking from rabidly angry lips and keyboards juddering with hammered keys from angry fingers, "The papers only tell half the story, they are twisting it, it's not true!" and you know, I tend to agree. Newspapers, whatever they may claim are not really a public service, they are a business, they are in the business of selling and due  to the general prurient and vile nature of humans (of which I am one) repulsive stories sell better than nice ones. Huffinfgton Post have a 'Good News' Section and lets be honest it feels a bit forced.

Anyway suddenly the 'Nigella story' hits the front page (no links - for various reasons, you've either seen it or you haven't)  and everyone not only believes every word but they add their own take on what 'obviously happened'. Really? Really really? I wasn't there, I didn't see, maybe you did, but the people that weren't  have decided what is right and wrong, and suddenly the newspaper they clutch is the holy grail of truth. And worse, men are suggesting 'well he needs a good kicking!' does he? Does he? Really because if you are so sure that meting out violence to someone that 'deserves it' is the right thing to do how can you ever complain about violence? After all 'maybe they deserve it'!

Of course no one 'deserves' violence. Violence is not a good thing, be it domestic, government or gang crime, if you think violence is the answer I think you should rethink the question. I just want people to take a breath, think, raising the subject of domestic violence (as this 'incident' has done) can of course only be a good thing. But we must remember newspapers might have an agenda, and rage sells.

Now to try and stop raging

If you have been affected by Domestic Violence, don't forget you can call The National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247