Glastonbury gets closer, packing is planned

When I camp I like to imagine I'm a survivalist. A minimalist campier that travels with only the bare essentials...and bunting...and solar powered fairy lights ...and a stove or a storm kettle, and an inflatable bed and and ...

and that's the problem. I'm not a minimalist camper. I am an electricity free camper, I don't have a heater or a TV or a Wii (you know who you are! :-)), I don't have a carpet or an electric pump for the mattress but I do take a lot of stuff. I packed most of it into two big storage boxes and they are quick and easy to bung in the car and go, but festivals...well Camp Bestival is big but it's civilised and has plenty of space and time for unloading, pitching etc. From what I've seen online of Glastonbury it's more cramped (despite being HUGE) and distances won't lend themselves to several treks with a large trolley, and some of the other festivals I hope to go to will be the same. So I need a minimalistic packing list for festival camping.

Here goes

  • Tent (obviously)
  • Foam bed mats - will this be enough? should I bung in the inflatable just in case?
  • Sleeping bags, extra bedding
  • Clothes - Lots and some black bin liners to store bags in (keeps everything dry in the event of the inevitable monsoon), Slankets
  • fancy dress outfits
  • waterproof coats, wellies, crocs (in your FACE trendy people!)
  • Wet wipes, toilet roll, shit box, hand cleanser
  • Toiletries, tooth brushes, hair brush, contact lenses, glasses etc
  • torches, glow sticks
  • Penknife (includes bottle opener)
  • Suncream (stop giggling at the back!)
  • Flag pole and windsock...and then...bunting? solar fairy lights?
  • Camping chairs
  • Booze
hmmmm this is tricky, it seems all I've missed out are the stove, kettle, plates etc and food!

What do you think? Am I over packing? Under packing?

Yes, that's DD and our Trolley at Wilderness in 2012 :-)
Amended to add a link to the official Glastonbury Website where there is a helpful list.

I'm also adding
Facepaint, and a mirror :-)