Votes, Cleavage, Awards ...

It was with not a  little shock and amazement, that when perusing the the Brilliance in Blogging shortlist to see if any of the lovely people I know online had been mentioned, that I discovered I was listed!

Last time there was a Blogging Award going I was hosting it and there were no prizes just the joy of winning, and of course it was a fabulous way to find wonderful (and weird) new blogs.

But to be nominated by an actual real person (maybe even you! yes you, reading this right now!) for a BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Award was just .....well Brilliant!

Gratuitous Cleavage Picture to Amass more Votes
And that got me wondering, as I was nominated in the 'Laugh' Category (I don't think they have a 'Rant' category) what have I written that made you laugh?

I looked back over some old posts, some that made me laugh at the time or make me laugh now, and here they are ... are they what made you snigger? If they raise even the tiniest of a smile I'm not too proud to say I would simply Love you to vote for me. Thank you.

And why not check out some of the other rather fun blogs listed too, after you've voted for me obviously, it wouldn't do to get distracted ....


  1. You got my vote :)

    1. Thanks! I'd love to think it was because I caused a giggle, but I bet the cleavage swayed you :-)


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