Saving money? Save a Pound? No Problem!

When I read Inside The Wendy House's Blog post on saving cash I knew I could add a few top tips myself! Then when I saw it could help me save a few pounds myself with MoneySuperMarket, well I was off and running!

So without further ado here are my ways to save some money, starting with my fabulous new thing....

  1. Buy a SmartCafe cafetiere/mug - you can still have real coffee at work (or on the move if you are brave) without paying coffee shop prices.
  2. Buy a multipack bag of crisps (or other snack of your choice!) I work and I'm a dreadful snacker - if I buy a bag a day singly it cost 60p a time, but a multibag takes the price down to less than 25p
  3. Cancel expensive TV subscriptions. I know not many people will do this, but there is lots of free TV and you don't really NEED it do you? oh ok just check you are getting the best deal...
  4. Ensure you are using the best mobile phone deal. Contracts might get you a new phone but they cost more in the long run. A Pay as you go sim (like Giffgaff see my sidebar link) is very cheap, from £5 a month!
  5. Check that you really need that paper bill, loads of companies (phone, electricity, gas etc) will reduce your bill if you get only online invoices.
  6. Really penny pinchers among you could cut open the end of the toothpaste tube to get the last un-squeezable bit out...
  7. But even the less keen should rinse shampoo bottles, bubble bath, washing up liquid, liquid washing detergent etc with water to get the last bits out.
  8. Use your washing line if you have one, not a tumble drier
  9. Use the internet to compare prices and ensure you are getting the best deal
  10. Repair things! In an age of disposable this and that I think we forget things can be repaired! Check out your local cobbler to keep shoes going longer! and invest in a glue gun, lots of toys can be 'saved' that way.
  11. Do home baking and use the whole oven, plan ahead, make your own cakes and fill the oven up!
  12. Buy cheap food that keeps when it's on special offer. Pasta, rice, lentils etc can bulk out a meal and last a long time in the larder
  13. Only eat meat a few times a week. Meat is more pricey that vege food. Try and plan a few meat free days
  14. Find out what you can freeze and utilise your freezer, keep sliced bread in it and only defrost what you need to safe mouldy bread. You can freeze milk, butter and cheese too
  15. Buy local, avoid paying petrol to drive to a big store and buy fresh produce in small amounts more frequently.
  16. Organise clothes swaps with friends of a similar size! (or with kids of similar ages) get 'new to you' clothes for free and clear your cupboards at the same time.
  17. Use Caustic Soda to clean drains (not those fancy expensive drain cleaning products) follow the instructions, it's cheaper and more effective.
  18. Blog! Enter online competitions and join in, it's fun and you might win things, anything will help from a free book to actual money!
  19. Check your washing machine, can you turn the temp down or use an eco wash? that will save time and money.
  20. Don't be too proud to use Lidl or other cut price Supermarkets
  21. Use ebay to buy things. Lots of nearly new bargains and cheap deals.
  22. Use ebay to sell things! Why give things away if they are nearly new? Someone may want it - try ebay or the local free paper
  23. Always check online for discount vouchers/codes before you buy something online.
  24. Sign up to voucher mailing lists. Pizza Express send me discount vouchers almost weekly!
  25. Plan ahead, taking kids out for the day, take drinks, snacks and refillable water bottles.
  26. Find free stuff to do with your children so a fun day is not an expensive one! baking, mini treasure hunts, walks in the coutry or local park can all be fun.
  27. Use a Kindle or Kobo app on your phone or PC (assuming you don't have an ereader!) and you can download hundreds of free books to read. For all ages
  28. Use the library! Not only for books but to read the paper, see magazines and even story times with the kids
  29. Don't buy a news paper, so much news is available on the television and online you will save a small fortune (and not miss much to be honest!)
  30. Wash your own car. Saving mone on hand washes and car washes, and get some exercise at the same time! (or get the kids to do it!)
 And if you want to enter your own money saving ideas for a chance to win £1000, visit www.moneysupermarket.com/30-ways-to-save-1-pound/ for full details, terms and conditions.

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