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I hate the term 'mummy blogger' (I may have mentioned this, at length, before) I hate the whole image, some woman who is 'just a mum' (don't get me started) who sits around reading Woman's Own, listening to Woman's Hour and eating chocolate while her husband earns all the cash and then sometimes she writes a review of some nappy sacks.

Now I KNOW that is not what all you lovely mummy bloggers are actually like, I know because whether I like it or not I am one of you (also I've met a few of you and without a shadow of a doubt all ace!). I'm a mummy (clue's in the name) and I blog (clue's in what you are reading), ipso facto I'm a mummy blogger. And |I'm none of the above. I work full time (blogging in lunch breaks and evenings) I rant about politics, gender issues and food. I hate Woman's Hour (though I've I've actually been on it) and I have a SAHD for a husband who does all the house-y stuff.

And then I thought, what if I WAS that sort of person though, what if I was 'just a mum' (I know I know - I told you don't get me started) if I was a mum that blogged about being pregnant, varicose veins, pelvic floor weakness and vomit. What if my reviews were of changing bags and nappies and I ranted about public toilets (or lack of them) and baby changing facilities, would it be so bad if I was that woman? and you know what, it wouldn't be bad at all! If written well that sort of stuff is BLOODY AWESOME because being a mummy is BLOODY AWESOME and if you can share the ups and downs in a moving and yet still hilarious way then a blog like that would be gold dust, gold dust I tell you!!!

And so I present to you my new favourite blog, a blog by a mummy, about being a mummy, and it's BLOODY AWESOME! so I have finally, after far too long probably, embraced the mummy blogger (metaphorically - it would be a tad stalkerish otherwise) I'm proud to be amongst this illustrious group of super humans. Go, Read one of the funniest yet gentlest blogs I've read in donkeys' years.

I give you The Confinement Chronicles, my favourite post is ...nope can't decide they are all hilarious, have enjoyed the frankly adorable post on being pregnant far too long, and laughed like a drain (appropriately) at the take on the bladder of a pregnant person.

Go ahead and check her out, But do come back, I'll miss you

And look, she's only on Twitter too! follow! follow!

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