It's a funny old world

I like the internet. It makes the world a small place. Like an intimate soiree. And like a party you chat, you listen, you get talked into things....

So when a Twitter buddy sent me a link to an online competition saying 'this would be great for you' I had to take a look. How flattering! It was a competition to be the Citizen Journalist for Ecover (a company I love and use and have reviewed on the blog in the past) and part of the deal was you had to attend a festival. We all know I'm a sucker for being drunk in a tent in field so how could I refuse!

I entered. I panicked a bit that I didn't write much (about 140 characters per answer I expect!) Then I imagined that was the last I'd hear of that.

But I only went and won! So I'm now on a roller coaster ride to discover Ecover's 'Secret Thing' and to write articles for their online news magazine The Splash., To attend Hampton Court Flower Show (will I need a hat?) and then of course the festival.....

 Yes gentle reader this middle aged self proclaimed hippy is only off to Glastonbury this year in the company of Junior reporter DD! - who knows what adventures will befall us! Stay tuned!

I won't be alone as I cannot be trusted there were two winners. So I'll take a moment to introduce you to .... Lemon!

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