Sweet Sixteen

Written after reading the Daily Prompt

When I was 16 I had my life pretty mapped out (like you do) I had just moved back down south after living 3 years in Berwick-on-Tweed and I was fairly certain that I would:-

  1. Fall in love with someone with ginger hair who was gorgeous (I had a 'thing' for redheads)
  2. Get married by 21
  3. Have a large family, I wanted at least 6 children and planned on starting at about age 26 (at the latest)
  4. Have a lovely house, with a nice garden for the children, there might be a paddock and almost certainly chickens.
  5. I would be a 'stay-at-home-mum' although I also toyed with the idea of being a primary school teacher
In actual fact I didn't marry until I was over 26 and my first (and only) child wasn't born until I was 34.

My husband is Italian and dark, not a redhead.

We do have a nice house, but no paddock and no chickens.

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I work full time and always have, my husband (being 20 years my senior) is a stay at home dad to our daughter. I'm not a teacher.

Have your dreams come true?

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Do I wish my dreams came true? Well I would like not to work, and to have a paddock and chickens, but no on the whole I'm very happy. A little concerned that Mamacrow has my children ration though :-)


  1. Anonymous21/1/13

    All I ever wanted to be since I was about 16 was a Mum. And I've been a mum since I was 21.
    Some days I wonder if I set the bar too low, if I should have ticked other things off the list first. But I don't regret it :)

  2. i wanted to marry a farmer, have heaps of horses and cats and dogs and chickens and pigs and etc etc, and a huge gaggle of children.

    So... I married a london boy who dosn't like large animals and we don't have any pets. did manage the gaggle tho, as youve noted!

  3. All I ever wanted to be was a mum.

    I started at 16 and had 4 before I turned 21 - didnt get the identical twin girls though tut!

  4. I wanted kids at 16 eek! My boy just turned 16 and it made me think back and I'm glad I'm not that age anymore.

  5. Anonymous25/1/13

    I never wanted children, wanted to move to America and maybe marry a fellow lawyer who had to be tall with dark hair.

    So, no. Not in the slightest :)

  6. So funny you wanted at 16 what I have now! At 16 I was going to be a career woman in London and I don't think kids even entered my head, certainly not 6 or a farm in Cornwall!


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