Craft Swap - some lovely things but.....

I fear the Christmas Craft swap was a bit of a damp squib this year and I won’t be doing it again. 

There were some lovely items sent and received but far too many people didn’t reply to emails, and therefore didn’t send pictures of what they sent or received. At least two people sent gifts but received nothing. It’s not good enough! 

Next year I plan a simple swap with one person! They can be sure I will send them something. And if they fail me I will hunt them down.* 

So here follow some pictures of the lovely things (no picture of the cute felt owl I made as I failed to take a pic before sending (idiot!) and the person I sent it to has failed to answer any emails) 

 I won’t be naming and shaming though – tempting as it is. You know who you are.

*May be a lie