Pretty in Pink - Giveaway

Yipee! a giveaway - I love giving things away.

 I was tidying in the rather awesome storage boxes I have under the bed when I came across a pretty orange box, inside was a sweet little pink crystal necklace. I bought it long ago as a gift but never gave it to anyone so now I thought I give it to YOU*

Picture of a pink necklace and an orange jewellery box

So how to choose the lucky recipient?

I shall set a task (in the style of Kings looking for the right Prince for their daughters to marry). I'll use Rafflecopter though, don't think many Kings used that in the old tales.

My favourite fairy tale (and many are brilliant even though many are also sexist claptrap) is Rapunzel, stolen from her parents doomed to a solitary life in a tower, trapped but also redeemed by the most feminine of things, her long hair. And only when she cuts it off is she free to run off with the person she has fallen in love with. I do feel a little bit sorry for the witch, denied children of her own, stolen from and therefore taking her payment in the form of a baby (how very traditional- to ask for the firstborn as payment) and of course her sad parents who lose her never to see her again, but I admire her resolve to stay sane alone in her tower, and the handsome stranger that falls in love with her singing, the trauma of the blinding and thorns adds a little pace I feel that is missing in modern retelling. And finally, a reunion (and children - oh naughty prince! what were you up to in that tower!) magical healing and happily ever after.

What is your favourite fairy story and why? Or do you hate them all?

Use the Rafflecopter Thingy to enter to win this magical Pink Crystal necklace which has the power to make unexpected money to appear in the pockets of your jeans**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*if you win (UK only)

** a blatant lie