Where did you buy your first CD?

This is apparently a question much asked today after the slow but steady demise of what is still oddly called a 'Record' Store. I guess they do still sell recorded music.

Like most people I buy a lot online, actually more than many as I work full time, get home after 6.30pm and am a busy mum at weekends. But back in the day I was a keen record store browser. I won't say buyer, I was young and hadn't much pocket money and a single (7inch vinyl) record was 79p...

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My first few records were cover type albums - they were cheaper (and dreadful) and you got more music for your money. Yes I'm of the age that the Top of The Pops albums. And the shop I used was a local independent record shop, now closed.

The first record I really really wanted was the Telephone Answering Machine Song


and I made my mum stay in all day at home to tape it off of the radio for me - and yes I know

 I have finally bought a copy on vinyl so you can all relax.

The first song I adored and (finally) owned an original of was 5705 by City Boy and it's still one of my pop favourites


Into the 80s when I finally had some money my music collection expanded, with Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Wham!, Adam and the Ants, Shakin' Stevens, ABC, Human League and numerous other  dubious bands :-)

What was your first CD? Vinyl? Tape? Download?

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Do you still buy 'actual' music or do you only download?