No sex please we are in the Cretaceous

So, I read a scientific article (I know that sounds clever , actually it was a BBC article where I first saw it) about how dinosaurs 'Evolved feathers for courtship not flight' and this got me thinking...

Did they? Did they really? Evolve something for a certain purpose, is that even possible? Did the 'good old boys' of the dinosaur age sit down one evening and have a conversation about it..

*that wiggly thing that shows there is about to be a flashback*

T.Rex : I'm getting so fed up, I never seem to get a girl friend these days, my short arms put them off.

Allosaurus : man I know what you mean, I tried to take out an ankylosaurus and she just wanted to go clubbing with her girl friends, not interested in coming back to my place at all

T.Rex : seriously dude we are gonna go extinct if we don't get some loving soon.

Avaceratops : (butting in) look at the tail on that Apatosaurus!

T.rex : shut up, concentrate how do we improve our chances!?

Allosaurus : we should grow some feathers, I saw an Ornithomimosaur down at the tar pit, he's evolved feathers and the babes were all over him!

T.Rex : ok lets give it a go, lets grow feathers, grab your coats - lets pull!

*wavy thing again, we are back in the present*

So I think maybe they didn't evolve something 'for' something. I think maybe feathers happened, like weird stuff does, and those lady dinosaurs just liked it...so the males got lucky more.

Any way, this is why I'm not a scientist.


  1. You're a lot more of a scientist than someone who says that dinosaurs evolved feathers for a reason! Eek! What are those people thinking?

    I love your screenplay of the way it might have happened!

  2. Anonymous26/5/14

    Inane, pointless post, and extraordinarily ugly site!

  3. Anonymous26/5/14

    Haha, so get you. Who knows what went on!! Anon, if you do not like it move on. Its all a thought process.
    Where will we be in x x amount of years?


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